7 Global Gaming Trends that you should know about


The digital gaming market is exploding. So much so that the US video game industry’s retail revenue hit $119 billion in March 2019. Furthermore, the market’s monthly retail income averaged $1.2 billion between April 2019 and March 2020. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are anticipated to stay at home and new gaming trends are likely to reshape the industry’s face. You may also like to view this unity game design and development company.

With this post, we hope to offer you a sense of where these trends are headed and how they will affect the market. It makes no difference whether you work in the video game industry or not because its technology is found in nearly every industry and household. Today, gaming is as lively as it has ever been. You don’t want to be left out of the following wave. Whether you’re a gamer or not, it’s here to stay. So here are 7 major trends of the gaming industry. Meanwhile, you may check out mobile game development companies in India.

  1. Video Game Streaming

The gaming industry is no longer simply reliant on game sales. In truth, the industry’s job specialties aren’t confined to game development. It also includes game journalism. Everyone may now participate in game journalism thanks to digital channels. The most popular outlets for this are Twitch and YouTube.

China is expected to dominate the game streaming business, according to experts. Streamers may easily accept donations from viewers using sites like YY Live (Huya) and Douyu. Huya’s monthly active users (MAU) had reached 100 million by December 2018. If this trend continues, China could wind up with a sizable piece of the video game streaming market.

  1. Hike in Mobile Gaming

Owing to the global pandemic, mobile gaming income is expected to rise much more. Mobile gaming revenue increased by 15% year over year in March 2020, hitting $5.7 billion. The Honor of Kings, Gardenscapes, Candy Crush Saga, Last Shelter: Survival, and Pokemon GO are among the top-grossing smartphone games. Even Pokemon GO made it to the list, thanks to adjustments made by the game’s publisher, Niantic, Inc., to make it simpler to play without having to move. In fact, it increased its income to $111 million. This is an increase of 18% month over month.

  1. Use of Mainstream XR

There are three forces in the gaming sector that would make XR and especially VR adoption popular. To begin with, future consoles are projected to be more powerful than ever before, allowing them to tackle the demands of XR with ease. Second, 5G is on the way, and it will make VR streaming possible through the cloud. Finally, XR devices are getting more affordable. So, whether you’re a casual gamer, a business worker, or both, this is an exciting moment for XR.

  1. Increase of Remake and Remastered Games

The gaming world is playing on nostalgia through remastered games. In addition, remastered versions of major titles will be available in 2020. Final Fantasy VII Remake, XIII Remake, Resident Evil 3, and Warcraft 3 Reforged are among the titles on the list. These restored games will be more than just better looking. Developers will reinterpret them and add nuances to the dynamics and features that are appropriate for the 2020 market.

  1. Socializing Aspect in Games

With COVID-19 not going away anytime soon, we may expect more games to add and increase social features within their overall gaming experience. The upcoming years expect additional gaming communities to emerge. In fact, playing collaborative or competitive games with others remotely has been shown to boost people’s well-being. Animal Crossing is one of them. It’s laid-back, lighthearted, and cooperative.

  1. Cloud Gaming

Experts believe that cloud gaming, also known as Gaming-as-a-Service (GaaS), will transform the gaming business. Indeed, if it succeeds in the market, it will be able to bypass the loopholes and hurdles that pricey gaming gear erects. GaaS, or cloud gaming, allows users to delegate computing tasks to remote hardware. Only a high-speed internet connection is required.

  1. Involvement of Gamers in Creation

It’s no longer a one-way path when it comes to game development. Producers, like any other business, must establish a relationship with their customers. And today’s developers are taking notice. Traplight Games is one of them, and it collaborates with influencers to develop user-generated content. As previously said, larger studios, such as the NBA 2K team, do this as well. We believe that studios will enable more user-generated material in the coming years. They’ll learn that the games they’ve produced and released have been enjoyed by multiple generations of consumers.

Virtual reality will undoubtedly become a crucial cornerstone component of the game business, despite the fact that it has been discussed for years. Players are expected to spend USD 4.5 billion on immersive gaming by 2020. It is 20 times more pleasant and convenient than other options. It is advisable to keep these seven points in mind if you plan to do something related to game development.

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