How safe and reliable are GPS trackers?


GPS trackers are fantastic gadgets, which can be attached to any valuable item or given to a loved one. As GPS technology has advanced, trackers have gotten more compact, have longer battery life and have more functions. However, are GPS trackers reliable, and worth the investment? With GPS technology advancing and becoming available on our smartphones and tablets, do we really need GPS trackers? There are numerous reasons as to why GPS trackers are more secure and durable than apps on our mobile phones. GPS trackers are one thing an app, most definitely cannot replace.


Hacking is a modern day crime that threatens our privacy and security. As our technology becomes more advanced, and more aspects of our life become digitised, hacking becomes more frequent. Some statistics claim there is a ‘hack attack’ roughly every 30 seconds across the world. Hackers quite often use password cracking software, which scans a victim’s social media or online presence for interests, likes and basic information. Algorithms then test different password combinations based on this information, meaning the hacker barely has to lift a finger. Whilst we are now more aware of how easy it is for computers, smartphones and TV’s to be hacked, can a GPS tracker be hacked?

GPS trackers are significantly less vulnerable to a hacker than smartphones are. As GPS trackers’ sole function is to receive signals from GPS satellites, there is no outbound signal to hack. GPS trackers do not connect to wifi, cellular data or any external connector that would allow a hacker to trace it. Not only are trackers very hard to hack, they also are very undesirable to hack. GPS trackers contain no personal data, or bank details, making them pointless targets, as no information can be gained from the device. Mobile phones on the other hand, are quite easy to hack as they connect to wifi and cellular data. Hacking a mobile phone or a laptop also reveals a lot more valuable information to a hacker.


With regards to reliability and accuracy, again GPS trackers out perform any other piece of technology. We have all been rushing somewhere and dropped our mobile phone, resulting in a cracked screen or a broken button. GPS trackers on the other hand are built with resilience in mind. They are small yet tough gadgets, packaged within a hard shell in order to withstand any amount of bashes and drops. More so, we have all experienced the temperamental battery of a mobile phone, particularly one nearing the end of its life. GPS trackers from cyber security experts OSS Technology can last up to 14 days with no charge, whilst constantly being used. The battery life and sturdiness of GPS trackers are simply unparalleled by any other piece of smart technology.


In dangerous situations, it could be argued that carrying a GPS tracker could be safer than a mobile phone. If in the unfortunate circumstances you were kidnapped, or mugged, the first thing someone would take from you would be a mobile phone, as this removes your communication to local authorities. Carrying a small, discrete GPS tracker, is a lot less likely to be thought of as suspicious, as they do not look like phones or smart watches. Most modern GPS trackers also come with a panic button, which when pressed, sends a predefined message to a number of your choice. This can immediately allow people access to your location. In situations of emergency, this feature could be the difference between life or death. In summary, GPS trackers are infinitely more reliable and accurate than mobile phones, they are a worthy investment for those looking to take that extra step in their personal security.

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