How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Your SEO Strategy


Have you asked Google a direct question recently? For example, “When did the Roman Empire collapse?” Google gives you a direct answer (395 AD, for the record) and suggests similar questions to explore.

This is one of the clearest examples of the power of artificial intelligence in search engine optimisation. The combination of machine learning and deep learning can mimic human intelligence to provide the best user experience.

But how will the developments in AI impact SEO’s future and, more importantly, how can an SEO agency or business use it to their advantage? You’ll find the answers to these questions in this article.

What AI SEO Exactly?

Let’s unpack the definition of artificial intelligence first. There are many elaborate explanations of AI out there. But the simplest explanation is that AI is the process of making machines smart.

In SEO, artificial intelligence has a wide range of applications. One of the areas where SEO and AI are inseparable is voice search. AI technologies are necessary for natural language generation and processing.

Keep in mind, voice search is on the rise, therefore AI’s place in the future of SEO is only going to expand.

Artificial intelligence is a core component of search engine algorithms, and that includes BERT and Google’s RankBrain.

The majority of SEO agency UK-based research will likely show that AI is also an excellent data analysis tool. It can help you select the trendiest content topics and discover the apparent gaps in the content. In so many ways, SEO and AI are complementary.

What Can AI Do Specifically to Enhance Your Digital Marketing Efforts

SEO and artificial intelligence can be complex independently, but when used together, ensure better website rankings.

Enter an experienced and competent SEO agency. London-based agencies, especially, will know how to match these two disciplines together to produce the best results for their clients. But what are some of the concrete ways AI can be used to improve a website?

AI Can Predict Customer Behaviour

One of the most important goals for AI in digital marketing is to identify similarities and hidden features in customer behaviour online.

An SEO agency would use an AI-based prediction model to compile groups of data samples united by these identified features. This is how they can predict prices and the demand for a specific product.

Better User Experience With Chatbots

For the betterment of user experience, it’s best to use a recognised SEO agency. UK firms, or anyone who dabbles in SEO for that matter, know it’s all about making the customers come back.

Many businesses have already taken advantage of chatbots. It’s one of the most effective ways of implementing AI and enhancing customer service.

Some sophisticated bots can answer hundreds of topic-specific questions. They’re also available 24/7 and have the ability to retain customer data.

AI-Generated Content

AI can’t compose natural-sounding content for a specific topic. We still need people to do all that work. However, when it comes to data-focused articles such as market data, sports matches, or quarterly earnings reports, AI comes in handy.

This is another area where you could benefit from consulting an SEO Agency. London-based operations can utilise a natural language generator engine to turn text into a specific format in different languages. Therefore, AI has a solid place in content marketing as it can boost and expedite its production.

Highly Personalised Websites for Users

An average user online today seeks personalised content, services, or products. No one wants to feel like merely another wallet for a business.

AI software can help companies analyse data points much easier and faster. With the power of artificial intelligence, users’ location, demographics, the device they’re using, and past interaction become familiar.

Even Better Voice Search Queries

With AI in SEO, it’s unsurprising we go back to the voice search queries. Think about the long-tailed questions and what it takes for an SEO agency to optimise them for natural language.

AI can help with focusing on questions that start with “who,” “what,” “where,” “when,” and “how,” and that alone can significantly change Google rankings.

Embracing the AI Revolution in SEO

The primary purpose of AI in SEO is to save a business owner, marketers, or SEO Agency time and money. Just think about the amount of work that’s delegated to chatbots alone.

Artificial intelligence exists to make everyone’s life easier. It’s not meant to be threatening to businesses in any way.

Moreover, it will help brands grow and provide an even better customer experience overall.

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