Is SEO staggering down to fall outdated? Expert agencies suspect, but!


The scientific revolution has changed the world in totality. If only we could travel through time and speak to our great-great-grandfather about a gadget which could help him listen to his son miles away, and then blow him further with an eerie statement that he could also see him smile and laugh before – We know how much growth we have seen in recent years. But considering this technological flux around, we cannot speak for sure that the trend today would be able to sustain the advancement of tomorrow. When it comes to SEO, Google (which covers around 93% of market share) keeps on updating the technologies it uses for the betterment of its users. Since the earlier days, when people used to outsmart its low-quality algorithms to get higher rankings, it has brought many major updates including Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Medic, Bert, etc., to sift out the bad quality content. Perfect Link Building SEO Agency UK speaks about it in favor. It thinks that the main purpose of search engines is to meet the expectations of those users seeking out some help, and when they get shown ill content, their trust falls off the technology. It is not only bad for technology, but also for the emotions of humanity in total. Regular analysis of the market helps in a better understanding of the human-technology relationship and then bringing improvisations in form of regular updates. But when all is done for good, why are people fearing the fall of SEO?

SEO is going to see some major changes:

Growth is when technology and humanity grow along. With the advent of smartphones – and their higher processing powers, higher affordability, higher flexibility, and improved interface – the interaction between technology and humans is going to see some major changes. Surveys have it that around 50 % of all the global searches were getting done through voice in 2020, and this is going to have a direct impact over the algorithms. In the UK alone, 86.5% of all the searches get done using Google. Not only this, 55% of all the US households are going to have a smart speaker by 2022. How do you see it as to be changing the SEO? Here is an overview done by Perfect Link Building Agency UK about the possible future of SEO:

  • Artificial Intelligence is going to play a big role in the SEO game: Considering the rise of Artificial Intelligence around the world, search engines are looking forward to use it for the quality of results. A few years back an algorithmic update called Rankbrain was unveiled, which worked upon the time spent by users on a web page. The time spent holds a direct relation to the quality of content. A user is surely going to spend some time on a quality webpage than that stuffed with verbosity. This was just one factor that decided the quality of the content. Google has spent around 27.7 billion USD on R&D, and this surely is to update itself and bring some revolutionary changes into the world. Google is doing some hard work around A.I. and this would surely impact SEO.
  • Voice Searches are going to impact the search results. While near to 55 percent of all US households would be having a smart speaker in their home, their search queries would surely be going to impact the keywords and tags used. People use clean and complete phrases while searching through voice rather than searching through text. The regional lexicon would also come to show the impact. How would the updates come is still vague, but it hints at the possibility of changes around the keywords used.
  • Search predictions would be improved through machine learning. Google’s A.I. is improving days and nights in, and this would come to provide quality to the user experience. You might have noticed that when you read an article about something and then went on to search on google about a vague term, google might have predicted your mindset most of the time. This also works when you search related terms. Although prediction yet has a long way to go, it will call for quality content that creates curiosity and interest in the minds of users.
  • Cisco predicts that video content consumption is going to surpass all other mediums. Youtube holds over 2 billion active users as of 2021, and this calls for the creation of video content. The rise of broadband speed and ever-lowering cost has made it easier. Perfect Link Building SEO Agency (UK) advises its users to create video content if possible to capture this share of users. In the coming years, videos are going to one of the main gateways.
  • The google EAT principle will come crucial for the web-page’s ranking. EAT stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. It would involve the quality of content provided, the quality of trusted backlinks, and the expertise shown in the content written.
  • More focus would be laid on semantics: Semantics reduces the chance of odd content shown before. A.I. again would be going to play big in this. It would predict the user’s intent and try matching it with the quality of content available.
  • Data Science helps in translating vague digital language into useful information. Even now data science has been helping people all around, but it will change too along with the changes done in the algorithms.

All these possible changes indicate that the SEO will be going to see some serious changes in the future, but nowhere does it conclude that SEO would get outdated – it rather would become more important than ever due to the technicalities that would be going to get involved. We would further see an upsurge in white hats and a fall in black hats. Experts say that SEO agencies are going to offer their vital experience to bring harmony between the user and their expectations.

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