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Link Building

Link Building is one of the off-page SEO strategies which brings many visitors to your website. Link Building helps to increase the ranking of your the webpages. There are many Link Building strategies that are adopted to increase web rankings and bring webpages to the top of search engines. In this article, some of the important Link Building strategies are discussed.

Use of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the ideal strategies in Link Building. If you can write and offer quality content on specific or a lot of subjects, you can request other website or blog owners to publish your unique and valuable content in exchange for a backlink of your website URL from their website or blog. This is normally done by emailing the website/blog owners or authors or editors or administrators. The external website/blog owners will often be pleased and willing to publish your article in their website/blog or any content platform because your resourceful and insightful content as an article will bring new visitors to their website or blog and also help to retain existing users of the website and thereby increase their website ranking in search engines.

Guest Blogging can be done in multiple ways. You can write about a product or service and share your reviews or experience on them with natural backlinks to your webpage.

Another way of Guest Blogging is to write on the industry you are in with the new and upcoming updates therein. You can give advice and suggestions on how to adopt, adapt and succeed in the changing environment as a result of updates.

Guest Blogging increases the brand value and reputation of your webpages by gaining backlinks from even unexpected areas and segments.

The better your content, the higher your results through webpage visits by backlinks.

Inclusion of Infographics

Infographics are the picturized format of data that helps in easy visualization. The links added within the infographics will drive the viewers to visit your website. The subject discussed and the data you have provided on the infographic are the key that hold their curiosity and trigger them to click the links provided to seek more information from your website or webpages. The simple concept of using Infographics for Link Building through visually pleasing designs and layouts earn you visitors and higher Page Ranking.

In infographics, the perfect and optimal use of information, pictures, story, words, timeline and geographical data help for higher number of conversions. This Link Building strategy through the use of Infographics works best with the use of valid statistical information, flow diagram and process discussed which make the Infographic more informative and trustworthy, and thus helping it to rank top in SERP.

Social Media Engagement

Social Media is the best place where your backlinks work well. People who are unaware of your brand and website get acquainted with them. Your social profile and the quality of your posts enhance their perception and engagement with your brand and website through the backlinks provided. Use of perfect Anchor Texts will engage more users.

Nowadays an increasing number of people are now using social media to find business content to update themselves, enhance their understanding and to engage with brands. Building your follower base in social media and promoting your website backlinks in them will attract more visitors to your website or webpages through your posts and social profile. On Facebook, there are thousands and thousands of business pages engaging with the users daily. So, your Facebook Business Page is one place where your backlinks work well. The comments section of your Facebook account is one another nice place to post your backlinks.

For example, if you own a mobile accessories website, you can have your post pinned to the top in your timeline with your backlink in the post to generate good number of clicks. With the right mentions of keyword phrases about your products and various brands such as Apple, mi, etc., it will increase backlink engagement.

Post your website address in as many possible and effective ways on your social media pages. That increases the possibility of clicks to your backlinks whenever people visit and spend time on your pages, and read and engage with your profile and content there. For example, the top selling mobile brands have strong presence in all of social media. So, it is effortless to generate backlinks to your website whether you are in mobiles or anything for that matter quickly and effectively

Social media is one of the major communication platforms of the present information era. So, whatever your business or website is about, it is more a compulsion that it is integrated with social media. The backlinks that you are posting on social media really help to earn potential clicks and customers to your website or business.

Use of Multiple Tools & Options for Link Building

Link Building in a way is a process of trust building activity for your business. Each business needs visibility. If it is for online promotion, your website is a great way to get visibility. In order to gain visibility, the process of Link Building is a key. To unlock Link Building opportunities and to do it the perfect way, you need tools. A good Link Building service provider uses tools such as Ahref, Grammarly, WordPress, etc., effectively to perform multiple activities in their Link Building process. So, if you promote your Backlinks with the aid of best known tools, it will ease your processes and help to fulfill your objectives.

You may consider creating exotic landing pages and attract users to your website through backlinks. All that is needed are quality content, Anchor Text and Backlinking pages. For example, if you are selling Bluetooth earphones, you should have a detailed description of each product, brand and product features and Bluetooth models. So, good content clicks.

Broken Link Strategy

A broken link strategy is a simple replacement activity of the dead links with live links. If you have created a link elsewhere but have no webpage linked to the URL, it is a dead link or dead URL. Finding the broken links and getting replaced with the new live links or creating webpages or redirecting to relevant webpages that have active content is Broken Link Fixing Strategy and this will help your webpages get more users and traffic while at the same time increase your website’s overall SEO scores.

Develop your own brand

Your brand will tell who you are. So you have to build your brand identity through your own blogs. Placing backlinks of your website in your own blog has so much relativity and relevance and increases your website SEO Package United Kingdom prospects. To get traction from your blog, you should have good and sufficient information in the blog. Content continuation in your blog is vital to backlink. Disconnected content confuses the search engines about the purpose of your blog and adversely affects Page Authority of both your Blog and your Backlinked Webpages. Every blog post should be interlinked with context, keywords and scope for achieving great backlinking results.

Check competitor’s backlinks

One of the recent surveys reports that more than 40% of the search results rank the sites only due to the backlinks they are using. Here an important note is to keep an eye on your competitor’s backlinks. SEO Experts aver say that “links should be earned, not built.” One of the best ways to find the best backlinks for your page is to spy on your competitors on how they are getting the backlinks and build your own.

Your competitor may earn their links from various places. The task that is in front of you now is how you are going to replicate your competitor’s backlinks uniquely.  It is more important to choose the links that they shouldn’t raise a red flag. Replicating links is no longer a difficult one because the job was already done for you. Always keep in mind the best links of the competitors are always available for you to use for creating your backlinks but in an effective way. If you use the manual method of backlinking, that will raise spamming, copying or duplication issues.

Tracking of Backlinks

Most website owners create numerous backlinks but to monitor those backlinks once they create them. In course of time, some links get removed or break due to multiple reasons. You have to periodically monitor the live status of the backlinks and get the benefits of the whole purpose of creating those backlinks with a longtime perspective.


Link Building plays a significant role in getting your website ranked better and top in search engines. Google doesn’t consider how many pages you create for websites, but it will take into account how many quality backlinks your website has. Active backlinked webpages will keep increasing your website’s Domain Authority. So try the best strategies discussed here and implement successful Link Building and boost your website SEO.

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